Merrell Presents: Little Steps

This docu-style film follows Mike Chambers as he approaches his goal of breaking the speed record for Denali and is faced with a difficult decision

Merrell Presents: “Frosty”

The docu-style film features world-renowned trail runner and Merrell Ambassador Anna Frost as she reaches beyond podiums to experience the trail, and her life, as her family grows

Merrell Launches “One Day. One World. One Trail.” to Showcase the Unifying Power of the Outdoors

To celebrate the global diversity that exists on the trail, outdoor brand Merrell has launched their “One Day. One World. One Trail.” project. On Saturday, April 27, across 17 countries, Merrell sent 23 photographers and filmmakers out to the trail to showcase those experiencing natural spaces and how the trail unites us all. 

Merrell Presents: “The Running Pastor”

Alongside the launch of the Merrell Bare Access XTR trail runner, this short docu-style film features Sverri Steinholm, a Faroese trail running pastor, exploring the connection of his spirituality and the outdoors

Introducing: The Rainbow Mountain Collection

Inspired by the Montaña de Siete Colores of Peru, the Nova and Antora are funky, wild, and ready for the trail. 

In Celebration of Mother’s Day, Merrell Presents “Mi Mamá”

The short docu-style film features Nadia Mercado and her mother, Clariza Valdez, and their connection to natural spaces and each other

Merrell and Hike It Baby Team Up to Inspire Families to Explore the Outdoors

The multi-year partnership will focus on developing footwear, resources and outdoor experiences for trailblazing families

Merrell Launches Moab 2 Earth Day and Donates 10% of Sales to The Conservation Alliance

The Moab 2 Earth Day is manufactured with water- and energy-saving processes. It's Merrell's most sustainable Moab yet, sacrificing no out-of-the-box comfort and durability needed for the trail.

Ragna Debats Takes 1st Place at Marathon De Sables

Merrell Ambassadors Ragna Debats and Mirna Valerio compete in Marathon De Sables, a 6-stage ultra race through the Sahara Desert

Merrell Announces Meadow the Border Collie as the Brand’s First Dog Ambassador in Celebration of National Puppy Day

Meadow is a two-year-old border collie from Georgia. Her favorite phrase is, “Do you want to go on a hike?” Whether it is the peaks along the Appalachian Trail, or the many waterfalls in the Southeast, she brings joy to everyone that she passes. 

Read more about Meadow HERE or visit her on Instagram.